MSc students’ theses

1-      Study and calculation of the behavior coefficient of special flexural concrete frames reinforced by steel shear wall and steel bracing X and K shape by: “Mohammad Sadegh Mirsalari”, IAU, Bandar Abbas Branch, 2012.

2-      Study and analysis of the effect of surface explosions waves on the buried reinforced concrete ammunition bunkers, by: “Arash Motamed”, IAU, Boushehr Branch, 2012.

3-      Evaluation of seismic performance of frame structures by improvement of flexural damper efficiency viscose, by: Mohamad Amin Khademi Malamiri, IAU, Dezfoul Branch, 2013.

4-      Identifying road risk factors, and presenting optimized strategies, case study: The main road of Dehdasht to Choram (Kohgilouyeh and Boyerahmad province), by: Majid Hoseini Monfared, IAU, Boroujerd Science and Research Branch, 2013.

5-      Study of the effective factors on building information modeling (BIM) for sustainable designing in project and construction management, by: Ali Mohamad Hoseini, IAU, Lorestan Science and Research Branch, 2013.

6-      The effect of using new system and Advanced Technology on Iran’s current constructions (Case Study: Application of the systems in Tehran), by: Ali Akbar  Kiani Dehkiani, IAU, Boroujerd Science and Research Branch, 2013.

7-      Performance level evaluation of irregular short rise buildings designed by equivalent linear statically analysis method. By: Nabil Rahimizad, IAU, Bandar Abbas Branch, 2014.

8-      Evaluating the dynamic behavior of isolated aerated water concrete tanks in seismic areas, by: Tooran Ghasemi, IAU, Bandar Abbas Branch, 2014.

9-      Evaluation of performance- based plastic design of reinforced concrete moment frames, by: Abdolhossein Mehrabi, IAU, Bandar Abbas Branch, 2014.

10-  Response of reinforced concrete frames against blasting forces, by: Mahnoosh Agahi, IAU, Bandar Abbas Branch, 2014.

11-  Lateral- tortional buckling analysis of coled- formed steel beams under dynamic loads, by: Farshid Amirshekari, IAU, Bandar Abbas Branch, 2014.

12-  Seismic comparison of the behavior of the linear sections and L sections, by: Ali Munesi, IAU, United Arab Emirates (UAE)/ Dezful Branch, 2014.

13-  Performance seismic evaluation of the column of bridge concrete structures, by: Ammar Ghorbani, IAU, Dezful Branch, 2014.

14-  Evaluation and determination of the behavior factor for eccentric bracing frames, by: Kamal Shokrollahzadeh, IAU, Najafabad Branch, 2014.

15-  Performance evaluation using modal binding cap on special moment frames of concrete under near and far earthquakes, by: Sadegh  Sobhani, IAU, Dezful Branch, 2014.